Cupid puked at the Theatre OR creative bartending

by carmenmariamandley

ImageSo- we are doing this show where I work. It’s called The Liar

A great deal of my friends are in this show. And I like them. And I love the director. One of my gap jobs (Jobs that simultaneously run with teaching/acting/directing etc.) is tending bar during the performances of The Liar and the aftertime when Company hangs out and has fun. Since I believe that each different show we do should have a special thing that is just thiers– I made up a drink list catered to each character’s personality. The drink menu follows…

The “Cliton”

Lemon Vodka, Orange Juice, and Cranberry Juice with a cherry

The “Geronte”

Whiskey, Sour Mix, Tequilla, Grenadine, and Sweet Lime Juice with two Limes

The “Dorante”

Whiskey, Sour Mix, Grenadine, and Black Cherry Juice with a Lime

The “Lucrece”

Vanilla Vodka, Cranberry Juice, and Sour Mix with Apple Slices

The “Clarice”

Kahlua, Vanilla Vodka, Milk, Grand Marnier, and Raspberry Syrup

The “Izzy Sabine”

Clementine Vodka, Sprite, Grenadine, and a Cherry

The “Alcippe”

Gosling’s, Dark Spiced Rum, Black Cherry Juice, Cocoa Liqueur, and Apple Slices

The “Philiste”

Blue Caraco, Sprite, Raspberry Syrup, Spiced Rum, and Lime Wedges


THAT Happened. The Lucrece is in the lead for most drinks sold. The Geronte is not far behind. For my money? The CLARICE is the yummiest. All the way.

Today was our annual Valentine’s Day brunch here at Shakespeare & Comapany. I saw some beautiful stories take place. One older man told me that the woman on his arm was the first Valentine’s Day date– ever. He bought her wine and a Shakes & Co T-Shirt and had me take pictures of the two of them together. I saw the moment of first hand holding and I had to bite my cheek not to tear up. I think it’s extraordinary and charming and comforting to know that a man of sixty can experience Valentine’s Day for the first time. Even in this day. Even in this age. I would take pictures too. And not even to just post to Facebook. Just to be able to look at them. And be in love, at Sixty– for the first time.

Love in earnest, people. It ain’t over till’ it’s over.