by carmenmariamandley

Cape May, cars and creek walks
sweet nights of revelry
twice the girls,  we had to shed
The dust from our hands

heroes, sunburns, orange groves
a kiss and a threnody
eating waves, and driving north
the storms at our command

We were
Howling at the hurricane
Howling at the hurricane
Howling, it covered us
Darling I’m yours

Howling at the hurricane
some fighting nights so inhumane
Howling, it devoured us
and Baby, I’m sure

takes a little blue memory
to see that day as clearly
as the day we watched the sea surge
before our bright eyes

naked and all shivers
we closed our eyes, and rivers
of fear shook our little legs
and as the waves came we begged

We were
Falling in the hurricane
laughing, and it’s not the same
I kissed you in the hurricane
Sweet girl I was yours

Howling at the Hurricane
remembering we had a name
for every touch and inch of us
we were Mars and the Moon

baby I’m yours.
child, just come home.
Darling, just kiss me
please let’s dive again.