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Smart Plum

triple beats

grasping stolen stillness

in quiet, I study your hand:

considerable, grand- with spacious reach

seizing language like lunch

curly, coltish, sublime and saporous,

in quiet, I study your jaw

the sideways eye that follows

the forehead forward, fallen,

quenched, and satisfied

by a subtle sonnet.

In quiet, I study your spirit.

Gordian and elaborate, made of sea water and a daughter’s nose

a balance over a tall height,

a mosaic motley of ambrosial sentiments

you, a modern Daedalus,

me, a smart Plum,

smattered with freckles, replete with

elemental fascination, soft pining

wishing for some touch,

wanting more time, or just

another day to write you a poem

another like this

a simple message

from a smart plum.


Pearls and All

It was thirty days

and the bludgeoning tide took them

soldiers of all heights, weights

varying degrees of manhood

some completely buried

some with gentle wives

Some with ghosts walking door to door

talking of love, light, gentler things


It was all strange


The way they decayed in the bare light stripped them of all humor, memory

those mouths in frozen fear forever

thinking the thoughts that would

categorize them for all days.


I knew one, one day.

He listened to Joy Division and talked

of how Morrissey was a depressed fuck.

How he probably never enjoyed a thing. Even touching a girl in privat-er parts.

We watched a fiber optic flower for the night,


sneaking in

stolen corridors of forlorn

Florida Houses, not yet sold.

(This would determine our juvenile record, you see)

We would forever be remembered by these rebellious acts.

By this fire,

and that theft. We fucking loved

being us.


But now sweet- we remember you by the heat and decay

the way you smelled after three days

mouth wider than the Joker,

showing teeth for the enemy

as you both stare into the dark rooms.

The dark rooms We never arrived at simultaneously-

The ones that called your name on any Winter day.

You shouted, dear one.

You shouted without audience.

Funny that,

we dressed for the occasion, you and I.


Pearls and all.


Philetas gives the kissing cure.

C1: Philetas was old.
Very, very old.
And smelled of socks and badgers.

P: COME! Be quick. The snow!

D: It is Spring, Phileta-

P: The flock will flee!
Close the door!
Did you bring the fire?
I freeze!
Close the barn! The storm rages!

C1: Philetas was crazy.
Very, very crazy.
C: Philetas we come for-

P: I know what you are, Madam.
I see what you will become
When the test will have all.
Philetas succumbs to a trance
Brief and scheduled, the time of the three.
Hunger for hunger, they will all flee

D: Philetas!
She snaps out of it
P: What do you want?

D: What is it you just did there, with the words?

P: I spoke none.

D: You did. They sounded the same.
Like sweet feet.

P: Why do you speak of feet?
Ahhhhhhh, yes.
You have come for the cure.
You are manning, and you fear love.

C: Yes, we come for cure.
I rage with this malady
Day and night
Fire in my legs and hands
And dreams of liquid and longing

D: We fear death, in brief.

C: I know this syndrome has a cure.
I come now for it.
For we both, as live-ers.

D: (To C) I will miss the heat and
The holding, Chloe.
I am not sure I seek cure.
It seems our caregivers have different
About our respective conditions.
Lamon does not feel we will die, but pros-

C: Cure us now.
I cannot die.
To tend sheep without me, I fear,
Would drive you mad
And have you dive off of a cliff like a goat
I cannot think of your perishing, Daphnis
Even if I have a more serious case than you
Which I fear I do-
I cannot bear the thought of
You smushed on bottom rocks
From the grief of losing me
And my fat temperful sheep.
So we MUST be cured.

D: You are the smartest in smart.
You are right, I think.
I could never live without you.

P: I am tired of your voice.
Here is my cure for your doubt.
Here is my solution to this warmth
And this fire.
And this fear.
You shall not die once cured
The symptoms may worsen
You may feel consumed with fire
Licking. At. Each. Soft. Part.
But you will not die.
No, no, no…
There will be something else in store for you,
That Lamon, and Dryas in their solitude
Have never dreamt of
A malady that will not be described,
Cannot be extinguished
And never, ever kills, but in age.

C: Thanks, can we have it? Please?

P: Hurried, hurried. Very well.

C: Thank you. It is very cold in this hut.

P: Take this berry.

D: A berry? Isn’t this a blueberry?

P: I am talking.

D: Sorry.

P: Take this berry, and go to the sea.
Place the berry on the tip of Chloe’s tongue.

C: But what about-

P: PLACE the berry on the tip of Chloe’s tongue
And watch it disappear slowly into her petite pink mouth

C: He has to watch it dis-

P: ONCE her mouth has received the berry, you, Daphnis,
Must approach your mouth with hers,
Philetas falls into a trance
Parting her lips with your own
While smelling and hearing the roar of the sea.
With the crash of each wave, brush her hands, neck, and hair with your hands.
Once her lips are parted, then closing your eyes,
You must share the berry with your tongues, keeping it whole.
This you must do for ten counts of waves-
Very important!
Ten counts of waves.
Keep the berry whole…
Even as you gently let your mouth depart from hers.
Then, reaching in, past the lip flesh, gently take the berry from Chloe’s tongue
With soft fingers
And throw it to the sea.
The next ten waves, you must study each other’s faces
Memorizing each line
Each curve
Each hair and browning.
Philetas, exhausted, falls from the trance
That will complete it, certainly.
Then, your future in life will be certain.
And your path will be clear.
This is my cure.

D: That sounds very good.
This is a wondrous cure. I like it. It pleases me.
We may have to try a few times.
Come Chloe, to the sea.


P: Do not huff, girl. Follow the boy.
You know not mercy and wealth when it comes to you.
Be wise.Take the cure.
That will be thirty five dormas.
Leave it at the door.
Cures exhaust me and I must take mutton and mead.
Be gone.

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