Let’s talk about Brussel Sprouts.

They are one of my favorite veggies, if not my absolute. Why do people cringe at the very thought of them?

Because our youthful and naive families believed that the only way to cook them was to boil them. AWFUL TRUTH.

The Brussel sprout is a lot like the sign of Cancer. It wears its heart on it’s sleeve. It doesn’t want to fool around with going back to the water. It’s loving and full and beautiful. It doesn’t want conflict. It’s a lover. Not a fighter.

When I make these beauties I chop them in half, throw some garlic and olive oil on them, salt and pepper them and saute them right until they get a little crispy, throw a dash of balsamic on them and remove from heat. Eat them immediately so’s ya get a little bit of the crunch   and sit back and taste the vegan earth (or whatever). For those who dare: throw bacon in with that shit. That’s the real yum. For those a little more daring? Throw a bit of cream cheese in after the balsamic WITH the bacon and you will have what the French call la petite mort.

And never shall have length of life enough
To rain upon remembrance with mine eyes
that it may grow and sprout as high as Heaven
-Henry Iv, Part II
la petite mort

la petite mort